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Full Basket


The ultimate solution to protect your boot floor against your beloved dogs muddy paws!

With a 5.5cm-6cm protective lip, to ensure that all dirt and any fluids remain within the boot liner.

  • Perfectly fits the boot of the respective car models
  • Manufactured from durable plastic/PVC
  • Resistant to high (up to +80°C) and low (down to -40°C) temperatures
  • Resistant to urine spillage
  • Flexible and light which provides for easy installation /removal
  • Easily rolled up for transportation and storage

Very Easy to Clean
Wipe Hose

just wipe or hose them down

The carpet inlay softens the look of the bootliner and complements the interior of your vehicle.

The exact fit ensures the carpet inlay does not slide and would add comfort for your dog.

Should heavy or dirty items need to be carried simply remove the carpet inlay and slide beneath the bootliner.

The ultimate solution to protect your boot

Colour Coded Bumpers can cost hundreds of pounds to re-spray. Help protect your vehicles residual value with an easily removable neoprene bumper protector.

This easy to clean Bumper Protector will ensure that your dog’s paws will not damage your bumper.