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Our award winning range of ‘Guardsman’ Dog Guards are easy to fit products designed specifically with the end user in mind. Although the materials we use for our Guardsman range of Dog Guards are the same as those supplied to the car companies, the fitment methods are far simpler. The Guards and Dividers require no vehicle modification, no drilling and no special tools to install.

They are specifically made to suit your car, they will close off as much space as possible without interfering with air bags or any other vehicle functionality.

They will stop your dog from jumping over and distracting you while you are driving and will offer you protection in the event of an accident. Over the years we have received many communications from customers thanking us for supplying them with products that they believe have saved their lives.

The trickiest will take about 15 minutes to fit and the easiest will take two minutes (some of our reviews mention it taking longer to get out of the box than to install!).

We use 19mm diameter round tube for the outer framework. This mild steel tube is specifically rolled to our requirements in the UK and we currently use 200,000 metres per year. The outer frame is bent on a Computer controlled machine which ensures consistency. The fixing bracket are laser cut. All the products are assembled into a welding fixture and then assembled. Each spike end of mesh had a weld over it to remove any sharp edges. The Guards and bracketry are painted using a powder coating process which is to the same specification provided to all the major car manufacturers. All of these components use the same material and production methods which are used on the parts supplied to the Car manufacturers

We always try and design them so the luggage blind can be installed and removed with the Guard installed. There are a small number where this hasn’t been possible and the Guard may need to be loosened to allow the blind to be installed and removed. There is an even smaller number where the blind cannot be fitted at all. We have tried to indicate this on the product specification so you should have no unpleasant surprises.

Please be aware that all ‘Guardsman’ Boot Dividers require a ‘Guardsman’ Dog Guard to be installed. They are sold as an ‘Extra’ to the Dog Guard and cannot be installed on their own or with other manufacturer’s Dog Guards

We currently use Amazon and Ebay to sell our Dog Guards and Dividers. They both take commission so you can be assured that if you buy direct from this website you are getting these high quality products at the best possible prices. If you spot any discrepancies please let us know and we will ensure we beat the price shown on either of those selling platforms.

We are currently working with the COVID restrictions on distancing which has unfortunately lead to a reduction on the number of parts we can pack and ship. We are doing everything we can by working extended hours to make sure orders are sent out in a reasonable time frame but would be grateful for your patience. Please add any definite delivery requirements to your order form and that way we can let you know in advance if they are not achievable.

In an attempt to give the customer the best price / service we use several delivery agents. In the checkout you can enter any special delivery requirements and we will we pass them on.

If you are still undecided whether to buy a Dog Guard and Variable Boot Divider from Guardsman, take a look at some of the reviews listed here or on Amazon and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.