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Full Basket

Range Rover

Wow! Just wow! This product is awesome fantastic!!!, me and my bro fitted it in 30 seconds, well my bro did I just watched. Simple easy instructions, No drilling , no mess, keeps my family member safe and secure, no biting chewing anything, it’s brilliant! Fitted straight away into my Overfinch. I like that the boot is safe for her and that she can’t chew only being a puppy. Cons:Yes it leaves a simple dimble in the back of your leather seat in the boot which no one sees and leather can bounce back it’s just a pressure mark. Nothing to worry over so it’s a plus plus. Who cares, as long as she’s safe. This is a very safe steady heavy duty guard with a non embrasive feel to stop the best escape artists with excellent workmanship and a friendly touch, built with quality made to last . Thank you. Ash.