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G1404 VW Passat Estate Dog Guard Bundle

Just a quick email to let you know my guard and divider arrived today in Dublin Ireland for my VW Passat Estate and installed within 15 mins or so on my lunch break. The most difficult part of the install was opening the boxes to be honest.
I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the two items. Truly excellent attention to detail and craftsmanship and fit absolutely perfectly in to the car.
Shipping to Ireland is a hassle for you I know but very much appreciated and a very reasonable price for the quality of the product.
P.S I am not sure if you put the product in two separate packages on purpose but you saved me a fortune on customs duty as the marked value on each of the products was under the duty threshold when they would have far exceeded it if calculated together. I had to pay VAT of course but still a hefty saving
Thanks again
M.H. 29/3/22