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Mercedes E Class Estate (S213) Boot Mat with Carpet Inlay and Bumper Protector

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Product code: G1454/100951

We are offering a PVC Lipped Boot Mat with Removable Carpet Inlay and Detachable Neoprene Bumper Protector.

Firstly the Neoprene Bumper protectors measure 55cm wide with an average drop down of 70cm. This means they are not designed for tailored fitting and are classed as a universal fitting. While they are not designed to fit the complete width of a boot opener they will cover the majority of the space your dogs will need to either enter or exit the car.

Please include your Vehicle Registration Number when you complete the Online order form as it will allow us to check full compatibility!

  • Price includes Delivery
  • Resistant to Liquid spillage – Easy to Clean
  • Manufactured from durable plastic/PVC
  • Resistant to high (up to +80°C) and low (down to -40°C) temperatures
  • Indicative photo shown opposite.


Material: PVC/Carpet/Neoprene
Farbe: Black

Installationszeit: 1 minute
Load Cover/Parcel Shelf Compatible: Yes
Gewährleistungsfrist ist: 2 years
International Versand Verfügbar: Yes - if ordered with a Dog Guard