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Skoda Kodiaq #2 (2024 onwards) - Dog Guard (Part no.G1705)

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Product code: G1473-1

We haven’t yet developed a Dog Guard for NEW 2024 MARK 2 SKODA KODIAQ

This is the reason I would like to make the offer of a Free Dog Guard and Boot Divider to you.

To take me up on the offer you would need to bring your car to our factory in Atherstone between Monday and Thursday on two occasions.

On the first visit we would use your car to take a template and built a skeleton framework as quickly as possible while you were here. The first visit would take about 4 hours. Preferably with the car arriving with us about 8.30am

Then, normally within a week we would build one for you to keep and one for us to retain as a master part.

We then need you to come back so we can fit the part in to your car and take the photographs of the fitment process. The second visit would take an hour.

I appreciate this may not be that tempting if you are facing a five hour drive to get to us (we are based in Atherstone in Warwickshire, CV9 1HU) or if you can’t get to us during our factory hours, however please let me know if it’s of any interest.

This offer is made on a ‘first come first served basis’, please email me at  [email protected] to take advantage of this Free Offer.

Material: Steel
Colour: Black

Installation Time: Under 15 minutes
Load Cover/Parcel Shelf Compatible: Yes
Warranty Period Is: 5 years
International Shipping Available: Yes